Task automation 22 Mar 2023
Automated task management for calendar & email.

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Lindy is an AI assistant designed to simplify and streamline personal and professional tasks. It offers a range of features, including calendar management, email drafting, contract management, task organization, and more.

Lindy can be accessed from anywhere and allows for perfect scheduling by handling the back and forth to find common availabilities. The tool pre-drafts email replies, personalized with the user’s voice for each recipient, saving time and streamlining email management.

Lindy learns from the user’s inbox to surface the highest-priority emails, triages them, and handles automatic conflict resolutions. Lindy can also participate in meetings and take notes, summarize podcasts, YouTube videos, emails, or web articles, and integrate with favorite tools such as Linear, Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Twilio, Hubspot, Google Docs, Airtable, Google Drive, Slack, and LinkedIn to provide infinite personalization.

Lindy is suitable for use in various scenarios such as sales, recruiting, marketing, and more. This AI tool aims to put users' lives on autopilot by automating tasks and providing personalized assistance, thereby providing time back to focus on higher value tasks.

Lindy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Accessible from anywhere
Perfect scheduling
Pre-drafts email replies
Personalized email drafting
Intelligent inbox prioritization
Automatic email conflict resolution
Contract management
Automatic meeting note-taking
Summary creation for media
Endless personalization options
Integrates with various tools
Applicable for sales use-cases
Efficient for recruiters
Supports marketing tasks
CRM updating
Quick data mining prospective clients
Streamlined task management
Caters to one-off tasks
Handles repeating tasks
Daily briefing
Customized for user's voice
Integration with Social Media
Integration with Google Services
Integration with Salesforce
Integration with Slack
Integration with Hubspot
Integration with LinkedIn
Integration with productivity tools
Updates CRM based on meetings
Multi-platform integration
Foundation for autopilot positioning
Personalized assistance


Lacks customization for notifications
No integration with Office365
Functionality heavily focused on Google apps
Communication inaccuracies
Potential privacy concerns
Inability to handle complex tasks
Lacks multiple language support
Restricted to specific use cases
Reliant on internet connectivity
No offline capabilities


What is Lindy?
How does Lindy help in automating tasks?
What are the features of Lindy?
Can I access Lindy from any device?
How does Lindy manage scheduling?
How does Lindy assist in email management?
How does Lindy learn from my inbox?
Can Lindy handle conflicts and resolutions?
How does Lindy participate in meetings?
How does Lindy summarize content?
Which tools can Lindy integrate with?
In which scenarios can Lindy be used effectively?
How does Lindy help in sales, recruiting or marketing tasks?
What is meant by Lindy putting my life on autopilot?
Can Lindy manage contracts?
What kind of tasks does Lindy manage?
Does Lindy offer any personalization features?
What does the daily briefing by Lindy consist of?
Can Lindy draft emails on my behalf?
How does Lindy differentiate between one-off and repeating tasks?

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