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Succeed with everything on your Mac with Succeed AI
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Succeed AI is an API designed to improve productivity on MacOS. The tool is aimed at helping users streamline their tasks, saving a significant amount of time every day.

With Succeed AI, users can make requests through their keyboard and receive updated text instantaneously, providing time-efficiency for complex and time-consuming tasks.

The application has been crafted with a specific focus on saving users from context-switching, a recognized productivity obstacle, to help them maintain focus on their work and reduce shallow work.

It offers an intuitive user experience dedicated to MacOS users, reaffirming their commitment to providing the best possible native user experience. Included in a regular monthly membership, users are provided with the latest version of their large AI model and do not need to pay for separate OpenAI/MistralAI API costs.

The MacOS app sends all data securely to the system's secure proxy API through an encrypted protocol, which then processes and sends the data directly to OpenAI/MistralAI without saving any data, ensuring total privacy and data protection.


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Apr 5, 2024
Can't sign up, i get an error. Can't view promotional video, it does not play. It is MacOS only, is that why i get an error on signup?

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Succeed AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Designed for MacOS
Streamlines user tasks
Keyboard-based operation
Time-efficiency for tasks
Prevents context-switching
Intuitive user experience
Secure data transmission
Encrypted protocol use
No data saved
Privacy ensured
Task automation feature
Potential time savings
Helps reduce shallow work
Caters to MacOS users
Consistent tool updates
User-friendly design
Instant text updates
Supports work flow focus
All-inclusive monthly membership
Affordable productivity enhancement
Best for MacOS
Response speed efficiency
Secure proxy API use
Work productivity improvement
Data protection priority
Native MacOS application
Improved task completion rate
Membership covers API costs
Quick response turnaround
Stops unnecessary task-switching
Typing request convenience
Productivity optimization focused
User communication encryption
No additional API costs
Secures task information
Ensures user privacy
Helps time-consuming tasks
Efficient text updates
Increases job satisfaction


Only compatible with MacOS
Regular monthly subscription
No free plan available
No version for Windows, Android, or iOS
Dependent on secure proxy API
Keyboard-only operations
Updates tied to subscription
Potentially costly for businesses
Limited user base


What is Succeed AI?
How does Succeed AI improve productivity on MacOS?
What specific tasks can Succeed AI streamline?
How does Succeed AI save users from context-switching?
How does Succeed AI interface with OpenAI/MistralAI?
Is Succeed AI able to protect user data?
How secure is the secure proxy API used by Succeed AI?
What is the cost of a regular monthly membership for Succeed AI?
Does the monthly membership for Succeed AI include updates to their AI model?
Does Succeed AI store any user data?
How does Succeed AI ensure privacy and data protection?
What is meant by 'keyboard-based operation' in the context of Succeed AI?
Does Succeed AI cater specifically to MacOS users?
How is Succeed AI designed for time-efficiency?
How can Succeed AI help me save time in my day-to-day tasks?
How does Succeed AI help reduce shallow work?
Will I need to pay for OpenAI/MistralAI API costs separately when using Succeed AI?
Can I use Succeed AI for difficult and time-consuming tasks?
How does Succeed AI instill a better native user experience?
Does the use of Succeed AI require any data encryption by the user?

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