Task automation 31 Jul 2023
Magic Loops
Automated news delivery & aggregation service

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Magic Loops is an AI tool designed to automate certain tasks related to information delivery and monitoring. Specifically, it offers the ability to receive a text summary of Hacker News every day at 7pm.

By leveraging AI capabilities, Magic Loops simplifies the process of gathering relevant news from Hacker News and delivering it directly to the user via text message.

The tool also provides an option to create personalized loops, allowing users to tailor their information streams based on their preferences and requirements.

This feature ensures that users receive only the most relevant content, enabling them to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in their chosen field.

To provide users with a better understanding of its functionality, Magic Loops offers a demo video accessible through a provided link. This allows potential users to see the tool in action and get a glimpse of its user interface and features.Overall, Magic Loops aims to streamline the process of accessing and consuming information by automating the delivery of relevant updates.

By leveraging AI technology, it enables users to effortlessly stay informed about Hacker News or any other topic of interest through customizable and timely text summaries.

Magic Loops was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 1st 2023.
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Adam Williams
· Aug 4, 2023
Thanks for including us! Please reach out if you have any requests for improvements!

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Pros and Cons


Automates information delivery
Scheduled text summaries
Personalized loops feature
Tailored content delivery
Provides demo video
User-friendly interface
Timely content updates
Allows preference setting
Automates monitoring
Streamlined access to information


Only Hacker News summaries
No API access
Limited customization options
Only via text message
No multi-platform support
One-time summary delivery
No language preferences
Requires phone number
No digest frequency customization
No real-time news option


What is Magic Loops?
How does Magic Loops work?
What kind of tasks can Magic Loops automate?
Can Magic Loops help me stay updated with Hacker News?
How does Magic Loops deliver news summaries?
Can I customize my information stream with Magic Loops?
Does Magic Loops send news updates via text message?
What is a 'Loop' in Magic Loops?
How can Magic Loops help me stay in line with the latest trends in my field?
Is there a demo video available for Magic Loops?
How do I create a personalized loop with Magic Loops?
What time does Magic Loops send the daily summary for Hacker News?
Is Magic Loops easy to use?
Do I need any technical knowledge to operate Magic Loops?
What type of content can Magic Loops aggregate?
How is AI utilized by Magic Loops?
Can I alter the reporting time on Magic Loops?
Where can I watch a demo of Magic Loops in action?
Can I select the topics for news updates in Magic Loops?
How does Magic Loops ensure I get relevant news only?

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