Task automation 16 Jun 2023
Automated business task co-pilot.

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Swifto is a revolutionary AI co-pilot designed for operations and business teams that automates monotonous tasks using simple English commands. This tool is designed to revolutionize operations by eliminating tedious tasks, effortlessly scraping data from websites, automating workflows, and providing personalized outreach at scale.

Swifto sets itself apart from other automation tools by allowing users to run any task with just a small command in English, making it a one-stop solution for all your BAU needs.

Swifto also offers alert and metric tracking, helping users stay informed of key metrics via WhatsApp, Slack, or Email. Additionally, Swifto offers different pricing plans that cater to various budgets and needs.

The pricing differs based on the credits offered, which are charged based on the complexity of the task. Unused credits do not expire, and Swifto offers a satisfaction guarantee and a full refund for up to 15 days after purchase under certain conditions outlined in the Refund Policy.

Swifto aims to launch a public beta within 1-2 weeks, and early adopters can avail of a significant discount and be part of Swifto's WhatsApp community, helping to build the product roadmap based on their own use cases.

Overall, Swifto is a game-changer for operations and business teams looking to streamline their workflow and reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Swifto was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates monotonous tasks
Uses simple English commands
Scrapes data from websites
Automates personalized outreach
Tracks alerts and metrics
Integration with WhatsApp, Slack, Email
Various pricing plans
Adjustable pricing based on task complexity
Unused credits don't expire
Satisfaction guarantee
Full refund policy
Discounts for early adopters
Input into product roadmap
Tackles BAU needs
24*7 support
Offers multiple concurrent tasks
Flexible services (Email, Whatsapp, Slack)
Opportunity for Subdomain & Self Hosting
No coding or screen recording required
Automates LinkedIn cold messages
One-time payment option
Helps with market research
Monitor competitor prices


Pricing based on task complexity
Trialling in public beta stage
Limited task command language (English)
Multiple/concurrent tasks only in higher tiers
Specific service (Email, Whatsapp, Slack) tied to pricing plans
Refunds under specific conditions
Credits system may be complex
Not fully developed product
User part of product development
Doesn't offer self-hosting in lower tiers


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Does Swifto provide alerts for key metrics and how?
What kind of pricing plans does Swifto offer?
How are the tasks priced in Swifto?
Do my unused Swifto credits expire?
What is Swifto's refund policy?
When is Swifto's public beta expected to launch?
What benefits do early adopters of Swifto get?
Which communication channels can Swifto automate?
How effective is Swifto in automating Linkedin and email outreach?
Are there any conditions for availing Swifto's full refund offer?
How does the 'Startup Plan' of Swifto differ from the 'Enterprise Plan'?
What is meant by 'Multiple Concurrent Tasks' in Swifto's pricing plans?
Can Swifto assist in monitoring competitor prices?
How does Swifto help with market research?
What is the 'Subdomain & Self Hosting' feature in Swifto's Enterprise Plan?

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