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Automated business processes via language.
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CheatLayer is an AI-based tool that aims to automate business processes using natural language. It utilizes a custom-trained GPT-3 model called Project Atlas to function as a personal software engineer, building automations from simple language.

The tool includes features that allow for the automation of tasks such as posting GPT-3 content to social media, growing brands on auto-pilot and automating sales teams.

CheatLayer provides unlimited scraper cheat codes that can add additional features such as lead collection and canva automation to your workflow.The tool's pricing plans are flexible and offer monthly and yearly options with custom pricing available for enterprise-level needs.

CheatLayer also comes with a risk-free 60 day moneyback guarantee. The platform is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, as well as on Google Sheets and as a Chrome Extension.

CheatLayer aims to simplify the automation process by offering a language interface for users instead of complex interfaces, allowing users to focus on their task rather than the process of automation.

The blog section includes posts on language as a universal interface and the introduction of Project Atlas, the "Holy Grail" for automation, which adds to the tool's sophisticated features.

Cheatlayer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates business processes
Custom-trained GPT-3 model
Can act as personal software engineer
Uses simple language for automation
Social media content automation
Branding automation
Sales team automation
Offers unlimited scraper cheat codes
Lead collection feature
Canva automation feature
Flexible pricing plans
Moneyback guarantee
Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux
Google Sheets and Chrome Extension available
Simplifies automation process
Language interface instead of complex interfaces
Educational blog section
Project Atlas for complex automation
Unlimited Google Sheets Tasks and Data
Automate Dalle images posting
Desktop Automation For Mac/Windows/Linux
Unlimited Stable Diffusion Image Generations
Webhook Triggers
Custom Machine Learning Credits
Custom Team Seats
Unlimited Cheat Cloud Tasks
Private Cheat Layer Product Lab Discord access
Custom SLA and private office hours access
Unlimited Automations and Local Executions
Enterprise-level custom pricing plans


Relies heavily on Cheat Codes
Limited CRM automation capabilities
Relies on Google Sheets
No native mobile application
Risk with scraping TOS violation
Requires knowledge of webhook setup
Heavy reliance on Project Atlas
No integration with non-Google data systems
Unclear technical support structure
High dependency on Chrome extension


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