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Enhance Productivity with Seamless AI Integration for Effortless Task Management
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Ask Steve is a productivity enhancing tool that seamlessly integrates Gemini & ChatGPT into your work processes. It is designed to help you handle tasks more efficiently in a variety of fields like sales, support, and recruiting.

The tool comes with a catalogue of over 100 pre-programmed skills that empower users to create and edit content, conduct research and analysis, receive technical assistance, and much more.

It also hosts a feature that enables users to add their unique custom skills quickly, creating a more personalised usage experience. Ask Steve operates within the user's workspace, eliminating distractions and the need to switch between applications.

Users can highlight any text or select a webpage and utilise any of Steve's skills, such as translation, conversions, and analysis, through a simple right-click.

Additionally, Ask Steve can read and analyse webpages, answering questions, and extracting relevant information. It also offers assistance in improving written communication, from expanding bullet-points into well-framed sentences, correcting grammatical errors, to tailoring the tone and language of the text.

Users can also add a Skill button to any webpage, allowing any skill to be run with a single click. Regardless of the field, Ask Steve aims to elevate user efficiency and productivity.


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Pros and Cons


Seamless ChatGPT integration
Task efficiency enhancement
Supports custom skills
Content creation and editing
Offers research and analysis
Delivers technical assistance
Convenient right-click functionality
Translation capabilities
Smooth workspace integration
Webpage reading and analysis
Question answering feature
Relevant information extraction
Improves written communication
Bullet-point expansion to sentences
Text language and tone tailoring
Skill addition to webpages
Single-click skill operation
Over 100 pre-programmed skills
Helps in multiple fields
Reduction in application switching
Improvement in user efficiency
Increase in user productivity
Edits and customizes content
Multi-purpose tool for various industries
Webpage selection functionality
Handles tasks more efficiently
Eliminates workflow distractions
Assistance in grammatical corrections
Support for sales, support, recruiting
Easy customization of skills
Grammar and spelling errors correction
In-page assistant for contextual understanding
Personalized messaging for sales
Supports response tone adjustment
Extracts resume skills for recruiters
Data extraction and placement in desired place
Single click to run skill
Free access mode
Community support available
Ability to connect to other models
Specific model assignment to skills
Email support for premium users


Over-reliance on right-click functionality
Restricted to pre-programmed skills
Limited grammatical correction capabilities
May lack nuanced tone adjustment
Only web-pages based operations
User privacy concerns
Required waitlist for access
No connection with other models
Only community support available
Limited customization of skill button


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How can Ask Steve assist in areas like sales, support and recruiting?
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