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Generate a custom business plans and pitch decks in minutes.
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Are you starting a business and seeking funding or a go-to-market strategy and tired of generic tools and unreliable research?

ProAI is the only AI tool trained on real consulting firm data, created by Pro Business Plans, a 12 year old consulting firm that has worked with 4,000 + startups and Fortune 500 companies.

With ProAI your startup can:

• Generate Business Plan: Generate an elite consulting grade business plan in minutes carefully bespoke to your startup or SME with financial forecasts.

• Seed Stage Pitch Deck: Create pitch decks for your startup, designed using models trained on successful first-round funding pitches.

• Market Research: Request tailored reports using first-party data gathered by our in-house research team for insightful analysis.

• Investor List Builder: Export a personalized investor list from 160,000 + investors, categorized by region, industry, and stage.

Easily edit and finalize all your files to Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, or continue editing with ProAI's tools to update and adapt your plan as you grow. Generate and read the entire plan for free. Only subscribe annually if you would like to download and access additional editor tools.

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Pros and Cons


Automated business growth strategy
Suits startups and businesses
Generates business plans
Creates pitch decks
Performs market research
Strategic planning assistance
GANTT chart creation
KPI and action item setup
Global investor connectivity
Personalized business advisor
Tailored recommendations
Continuous business metric monitoring
Robust integration for fundraising
Investor suggestion from vast database
Prepares for investor meetings
Provides feedback on business plan
Advanced analytics
Strategic insights from market intelligence
Resources for tailoring business plans
Financial forecasts
Analyzes user data and goals
Recommendations from global client history
Facilitates strategic planning
Data-rich guidance
Generates industry insights
Database of 160,000+ firms
Integrated market research
Custom strategies
Interactive guidance
Growth roadmapping
Data-Backed storytelling
Targeted outreach
Proprietary market research
Generates Financial forecasts
Crafts marketing, sales, product plans
Customized business advisory
Exportable Excel model
Answers product-market fit queries
Articulates market position
Automatic integration of proprietary insights
Links with social media, analytics
Advises on successful strategies
Offers on-demand virtual consultant
Flexible consultation services
Provides customized growth roadmap
Helps with various funding options
Determines right funding amounts
Customizable plans for different clients


Over-reliance on proprietary data
Absence of pricing details
Limited integrations mentioned
Dependent on user-provided data
No clear data security measures
Lack of feature customization
No offline functionality stated
Necessity for continuous data input


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Does AI Business Plan offer tailored business plan generation?
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How does AI Business Plan track and monitor my business metrics?
How is AI Business Plan 's pitch deck creation feature different from other AI tools?
What information does AI Business Plan need to analyze user data and business goals?
Does AI Business Plan help with GANTT charts creation and KPI monitoring?
Can AI Business Plan connect with my existing analytics and accounting software?
Do I get the advantage of AI Business Plan 's client experiences in the business advisor feature?
Can AI Business Plan assist with preparing for investor feedback sessions and meetings?
How does AI Business Plan incorporate financial forecast in my business plan?
Can AI Business Plan provide a custom growth roadmap for my business?
Does AI Business Plan help with outreach to investors related to funding?
How does AI Business Plan collect my business information and goals?
Can AI Business Plan adapt to changes and trends in my business measurements?
Does AI Business Plan offer an option to export financial models to Excel?
What advanced analytics does AI Business Plan use for its services?
What types of funding strategies does AI Business Plan accommodate?

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