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Efficiently created startup pitch decks.
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Beemer is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the creation of pitch decks in a quick and efficient manner. The platform allows startups to generate pitch presentations within minutes using a sleek and minimalistic template that is focused on content.

Beemer has already researched and created the perfect pitch structure, cutting down on the creator's workload. The platform also allows team collaboration with easy export to Google Slides for seamless presentation delivery.

Creating pitch decks can be time-consuming and expensive in the startup world, and Beemer provides a solution to this issue. The platform generates complete Google Slides presentations with just a brief description of the business, simplifying the process of creating pitch decks.

The tool's mockups and slide layouts are built to be impressive and informative at the same time, while also keeping the design trendy and up-to-date.Beemer offers different packages, including "The Pitch Booster," which provides an executive summary, an investor's email pitch letter, and extra personalized slides to take your pitch to the next level, enabling startups to make a powerful impression on potential investors and secure the required funding.

The roadmap to improve the tool further includes adding more customization options to presentations, expanding support for PowerPoint, and integrating with other tools that startups use for collaboration and project management.

With Beemer, creating an excellent pitch deck has never been easier, and startups can focus on impressing their potential investors with their innovative ideas.


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Dec 28, 2023
Really nice!

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Pros and Cons


Quick pitch deck creation
Predefined pitch structure
Team collaboration feature
Google Slides export ability
Minimalistic design template
Customizable presentation options
Secure, no credit card required
Future support for PowerPoint
Future integration with collaboration tools
Trendy, updated designs
Additional personalized slides
Investor's email pitch letter
Executive summary creation
Ease of use
Mockups and slide layouts
Multiple packages including Pitch Booster
Enables rapid startup funding solicitations
Free trial available


Limited to Google Slides
No PowerPoint support currently
Limited template customization
Limited design options
No API available
No offline functionality
No free option
No multi-language support
Limited to start-up businesses


What is Beemer?
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Is Beemer easy to use?
What is the perfect pitch structure provided by Beemer?
Can Beemer be used for team collaboration?
How does exporting to Google Slides work with Beemer?
What is The Pitch Booster offered by Beemer?
How does Beemer streamline the process of creating pitch decks?
What does the complete Google Slides presentations generated by Beemer consist of?
What kind of slide layouts and designs does Beemer offer?
Do I need to input a lot of data to get started with Beemer?
What kind of packages does Beemer offer?
How will Beemer help me impress potential investors?
Will Beemer help me secure funding for my startup?
How fast can Beemer create a pitch deck?
What are the future plans for improving Beemer?
How much does Beemer cost?
Are there any additional costs associated with using Beemer?
Can I customize the pitch decks created by Beemer?
Does Beemer offer support for PowerPoint?

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