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Best platform for startup founders and investors.
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Raizer is an AI-powered platform dedicated to connecting startup founders and investors. It enhances the funding process by providing startup founders with a tool to raise capital effectively, while granting investors access to select startup deals.

Users have the ability to set up a verified startup page for showcasing their business to over 70,000 investors. The platform offers AI-powered outreach, allowing users to connect their inbox to Raizer and reach out to relevant investors with optimally-generated emails for maximum responses.

Raizer also provides feature lists of top venture capitalists, angel investors, family offices, and private equity firms. Additionally, it offers an in-depth fundraising guide filled with tips and best practices.

There are several subscription levels available such as Basic which gives access to all investors, a Pro-level providing AI email assistant service and increased limits, and an Ultimate-level where startups are featured and promoted in front of investors.


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Pros and Cons


Assists in finding investors
Saves time on data aggregation
Verified investor database
Generates personalized messages
Offers different message tones
Contact investors via email
Contact investors via LinkedIn
Contact investors via Twitter
Facilitates introductions to investors
Response-guaranteed warm introductions
Free startup
Simplifies the fundraising process
No need for manual research
Showcases business to investors
Connects inbox
Generates optimally-generated emails
Lists top venture capitalists
Lists angel investors
Lists family offices
Lists private equity firms
business showcasing
Subscription levels available
Featured and promoted startups
Raises capital effectively
Attracts attention from investors
Access to select startup deals
Startup page for showcasing
Ability to set up a verified startup page
Offers in-depth fundraising guide
Increased limits for Pro-level
Startup promotion for Ultimate-level
Lists with top VC, Angel investors, family offices, and private equity firms
Messages in style of influential individuals
List building feature
Filters for focus area, stage, lead status, investment size
Detailed profile pages
Multiple contact options
Effective outreach
Positive user feedback


Only provides predefined styles
No integration with other platforms
No custom subscription plans
No mobile app support
Limited database (70,000 investors)
Doesn't support different languages
Cannot set up investor profiles
No investor engagement analytics


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