Investment analysis 2023-11-14
Startup investment and fundraising platform.
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8vdX is an AI-powered platform that offers investment and fundraising solutions for startups and investors. It aims to connect startups and investors by providing deep insights and streamlining deal pipeline management.

The platform generates investment reports, synthesizes investment updates, and offers benchmarking tools for portfolio companies. It also facilitates co-investments and allows investors to receive standardized reports from their portfolio companies.For startups, 8vdX offers the Bridge to Demo Day loans, which are pre-approved for YC S22 startups.

Additionally, startups can access the Continuity Fund for seed extension capital as a Bridge to Series A.Investors can benefit from the Yardstick benchmarking tool, which helps monitor and benchmark portfolio companies.

They can also manage fund activity, onboard investors, and generate and manage important documents such as NAV reports, tax statements, and audited accounts.The platform promises ease of use and aims to reduce reliance on multiple spreadsheets by providing a seamless onboarding process.

It offers different pricing plans tailored to the unique needs of users.8vdX has been featured by prominent investors and has received funding from Y Combinator and others.

It is backed by several notable companies.Overall, 8vdX aims to empower startups and investors by providing AI-powered tools and solutions for investment and fundraising activities.


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