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PE/VC due diligence platform
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Dili is an AI-powered diligence platform designed specifically for Private Equity and Venture Capital deal teams. It aims to enhance investment decision-making by applying AI techniques to three pools of data.

Firstly, it can analyze company data rooms and deal materials to extract relevant information. Secondly, it leverages the firm's internal proprietary knowledge base, which is structured by Dili.

Lastly, it integrates external data sources such as Capital IQ, Factset, and Pitchbook.One of Dili's key features is its ability to accelerate deal screening.

It can automatically extract and compare relevant facts from preliminary deal materials against a structured database of previous deals seen by the firm.

By doing so, it helps in generating a list of comparable companies and potential red flags, thus enabling faster evaluation of deals.Furthermore, Dili offers deep due diligence capabilities by thoroughly examining every file within a target company's data room.

It can identify asset-liability mismatches, legal clauses, and other concerns that might impact the deal. This helps in uncovering potential issues that may not be easily discoverable through conventional methods.Overall, Dili aims to utilize advanced AI techniques to assist deal teams in making more data-driven investment decisions in the context of Private Equity and Venture Capital.


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Pros and Cons


Analyzes company data rooms
Leverages firm's internal knowledge
Integrates external data sources
Accelerates deal screening
Extracts relevant facts automatically
Comparison with previous deals
Generates list of comparables
Highlights potential red flags
Deep due diligence capabilities
Examines all target's files
Identifies asset-liability mismatches
Detects legal clauses
Uncovers potential deal concerns
Assists in data-driven decisions
Applicable for PE and VC
Integration with Capital IQ
Integration with Factset
Integration with PitchBook
Finds issues not easily discoverable
Structured firm's proprietary data


Limited to PE and VC
Limited information sources integration
No indication of real-time analysis
No mention of security measures
Unclear data management policies
Dependent on quality of data room
Interface details not described
Unknown error management process
No indication of multi-language support
No specified performance metrics


What is Dili AI?
How does Dili AI help with investment analysis?
What specific AI techniques does Dili use in its analysis?
Can Dili AI analyze external data sources?
What is the role of Dili's internal proprietary knowledge base?
Does Dili AI offer due diligence capabilities?
Can Dili AI help identify potential deal issues?
How does Dili assist with deal screening?
Can Dili compare new deals with previous ones?
What type of deals is Dili designed for?
What is the purpose of Dili's company data rooms?
Can Dili help with faster evaluation of deals?
Does Dili offer a demo?
What makes Dili different from other AI tools for PE & VC firms?
How does Dili extract relevant information from deal materials?
Can Dili identify potential red flags in deals?
Who can use Dili AI?
Where is Dili AI located?
How can I contact the Dili team for support?
Is Dili's platform primarily for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms?

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