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Instant investment analysis & insights.
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Meet Alpha, an artificial intelligence investment exploration tool that uses GPT-4 as its language model and is powered by Public Holdings Inc. Alpha aims to provide investors with real-time and historical information about stocks, ETFs, crypto, and more.

The tool offers a natural language interface that instantly delivers insights, allowing investors to make more informed decisions. Alpha can access a variety of data, including quote data, financials, fundamentals, analyst recommendations, outlooks, news, commentary, and more.

Users can screen markets in real-time, view a summary of any stock news headlines, get detailed stock analysis, and dive into investing insights. The tool currently offers 9,000+ stocks with company-specific analysis and allows investors to invest in baskets of securities in a single trade.

Alpha also enables users to buy fractional shares of fine art, collectibles, and other assets. Alpha is an experimental technology that sometimes gives inaccurate or inappropriate information.

Its output should not be construed as investment research, investment advice, or investment recommendations. However, Alpha aims to combine the power of AI with real-time data, providing investors with the latest, most comprehensive market data and analysis.


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Alpha by Public was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


GPT-4 powered
Real-time investment analysis
Historical stock information
Access to ETFs data
Access to crypto data
Natural language interface
Instant delivery of insights
Wide variety of data
Allows screening markets in real-time
News analysis for stocks
Detailed stock analysis
Offers company-specific analysis
Enables fractional shares investment
Invest in fine arts
Invest in collectibles
Automated investment strategies
High-yield Treasuries account
Offers 9,000+ stocks data
Historic earnings call data
Analyst recommendations data
Fundamentals and financials data
Real-time and historic info
Analyzes market's top movers
Highly detailed stock analysis
Summary of stock news
Historical quarterly earnings data
Offers insights on demand
Summary of earnings calls
Access to context for analysis
Integration with ChatGPT
Data protection measures
Free tool with plugin
Phase-wise feature expansion
Analyzes user's investment portfolio
Access to new data sources
No sharing of personal info
Can be used on public app
App supports investing
In-app access to alpha
Assessment of performance and outlook
Real-time market screening
Access to top stocks
Contextual chatbot integration
Portfolio building with Public app
Access to learning resources
Support for investment plans


Inaccurate information
No financial advice
Occasional incomplete information
Not for commercial use
Not personal according to user’s needs
Limited version for free
Payment for unlimited access
Must have Public account
Possible transaction delays
Limited products and services


Is Alpha safe to use?
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Can Alpha analyze cryptocurrency?
Does Alpha offer real-time market screening?
Can Alpha provide a summary of stock news headlines?
How detailed is the stock analysis provided by Alpha?
How reliable is the investing insight provided by Alpha?
Can Alpha analyze collections of securities?
Is it possible to buy fractional shares with the help of Alpha?
Is the information provided by Alpha always accurate?
Should I consider Alpha's output as investment advice?
What kind of data can Alpha access?
Is Alpha really powered by GPT-4?
How does Alpha utilize AI with real-time data?
Can Alpha summarize earnings calls?
Does Alpha offer company-specific analysis?
Can Alpha provide insights relevant to my portfolio?
How does Alpha handle the limitations of natural language processing models?


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