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AI Analyst for stock forecasts and analysis.
Sample prompts:
Stock analysis for Microsoft
Stock analysis for Amazon
Stock analysis for SPY
Stock analysis for Apple
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Stock Robo AI Stock Analyst is a GPT developed by, specializing in stock forecast and analysis with a main focus on US stocks and ETFs. It leverages a Causal Intelligence Model for predictive analytics, making it a handy instrument for users interested in trading and investment.

This GPT can be perceived as a tool that acts like a copilot for your trading journey, helping you make informed decisions. As this GPT operates over ChatGPT, it requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Furthermore, it is designed to provide insights into individual stocks by providing prompts such as 'Stock analysis for Microsoft', 'Stock analysis for Amazon', and 'Stock analysis for SPY' among others.

This feature assists the user in easily navigating through and receiving precise stock analysis of their desired companies. Please note that accessing this GPT requires signing up with the platform.


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