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Unleashing the power of alternative data in investing.
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AltIndex is an AI-powered tool designed to facilitate better investment decisions by providing alternative data insights. It encompasses a broad range of functionalities such as downloading and analyzing company data from various online sources, and aggregating it into an accessible and user-friendly dashboard.

Its features include a stock screener, AI-centric stock picks, stock alerts, and a ranking system for trending and top stocks. Apart from standard stocks, it also provides information related to popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It effectively complements users' due diligence by offering unique AI stock picks based on its extensive analysis. Users can create a free account and begin their investment journey.

The tool also emphasizes social sentiments from platforms like Instagram and Reddit, providing a composite view of the potential social impact on stock behavior.

Overall, AltIndex can be beneficial for investors looking for AI-supported and comprehensive analysis tool, offering alternative data insights to make informed investment decisions.


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AltIndex was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive stock analysis
Cryptocurrency information support
Alternates investment data insights
Downloadable company data
Aggregate analysis on dashboard
In-built stock screener
Alerts on stock changes
Trending stocks ranking
Analysis supports investment decisions
Free account setup
Considers social sentiment impact
Access popular stock information
Access popular cryptocurrency information
Sentiment analysis from Instagram
Sentiment analysis from Reddit
Stock behavior social impact composite view
Analysis supports due diligence
Fast inclusion of trending stocks
Bitcoin and Ethereum information
Key stock alerts
Fear & Greed Index
User-friendly interface


Limited cryptocurrencies covered
No API for automation
Reliant on social sentiments
No historical data
Free account limitations
No mobile app
Lacks sentiment source filter
No index fund feature


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Can AltIndex be used for social sentiment analysis on platforms such as Instagram and Reddit?
How does AltIndex analyze and incorporate social sentiment?
How does AltIndex determine trending and top stocks?
Does AltIndex offer any unique features for aiding investment decisions?
How does AltIndex download and analyze company data for stocks?
What sources does AltIndex use to aggregate data?
Does AltIndex consider alternative data in its analysis?
How is the information provided by AltIndex organized in its user-friendly dashboard?
Does AltIndex offer any specific guidance for new investors?
How does AltIndex incorporate fear and greed index in its analysis?
What type of articles or news does the 'News' section of AltIndex include?
How often are the stock alerts from AltIndex updated?
Does AltIndex offer analysis of specific popular stocks like Tesla, Apple, or Nvidia?


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