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LevelFields is an AI-based tool that provides stock analysis and options trading solutions. It primarily functions to aid investors in making prompt and smart investment decisions.

The tool scans for various events, like leadership changes and lawsuits, that have been proven to impact stock prices. Users can view patterns in how such events may affect stock prices, and the AI-enabled system delivers opportunities directly to user's inbox.

There's also an alert system that notifies the user of suitable investment choices based on their set preferences. The software caters to all types of investors ranging from opportunistic, long-term, to technical ones.

It leads users to events that are expected to yield outsized returns and helps in identifying trends and emerging growth companies. LevelFields also aids in protecting holdings from negative events and contributes by adding external events data, hence uncovering patterns that wouldn't be previously visible.

A noteworthy advantage is that the tool eliminates the need for extensive research or charting while offering insights from a broad spectrum of companies.

It notably facilitates both bull and bear market trading strategies while averting market manipulations and biased opinions.


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LevelFields was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Stock analysis solutions
Options trading support
Scans impactful events
Alert system for opportunities
Facilitates various investment types
Identifies high-yield events
Tracks emerging growth companies
Protection against negative events
Includes external events data
Eliminates need for charting
Broad company spectrum insights
Supports bull/bear market strategies
Averts market manipulations
Averts biased opinions
Investment decision support
Event driven trading
Behavioral patterns analysis
Investor preference notifications
Risk management feature
Monitors thousands of companies
Automated trading alerts
Targets event-driven hedge funds
Cuts research time
Ready-made strategies provided
Acts on facts vs opinions
Uncovers niche markets
Helps find under-the-radar companies
Highlights enormous return events
Optimized for opportunistic investors
Helps find long-term gain entries
Unveils unseen connections and patterns
Covers NYSE and NASDAQ stocks


Only scans NYSE and NASDAQ
Lacks support for additional exchanges
Limited to US-based investors
Doesn't support real-time data
No mobile app
No customization options
No integration with trading platforms
No social sentiment analysis
No API for third-party integration
No free trial available


What is LevelFields?
How does LevelFields assist investors in making investment decisions?
How does LevelFields scan and interpret events that affect stock prices?
What type of events does LevelFields primarily focus on?
How does the alert system of LevelFields work?
What types of investors does LevelFields cater to?
How does LevelFields help identify trends and emerging growth companies?
In what ways does LevelFields assist in risk management?
What is the advantage of using LevelFields over doing my own research?
How does LevelFields facilitate both bull and bear market trading strategies?
How does LevelFields alert me for suitable investment opportunities?
Can LevelFields diagnose and predict market manipulations?
How does LevelFields uncover patterns that are not usually visible?
What types of companies does LevelFields provide insights on?
How does LevelFields AI find the best stocks and option trades?
How does LevelFields execute event driven trading?
How does LevelFields derive its behavioral patterns analysis?
What type of notifications do investors receive from LevelFields?
How can LevelFields aid in optimal investment decision making?
How does LevelFields provide investment support to stock traders?


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