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ByUmut Aslan
Making stock analysis accessible.
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Stock Squeeze Analyst is a GPT focused on making stock analysis more accessible through a deep understanding of 'TTM Squeeze'. The GPT takes the complexities out of identifying certain stock patterns by providing insights and analysis of the TTM Squeeze indicators, a volatility and momentum trading technique.

Users interact with this GPT through a conversational interface, which uses natural language processing and understanding capabilities of GPT, making it suitable even for novices in stock trading and analysis.

The Stock Squeeze Analyst welcomes new users, ready to explore stocks in the TTM Squeeze format. It also provides prompt starters for users to initiate data requests.

For example, users may ask the GPT to provide stock squeeze data for specific dates. Besides, this tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for utilization.

The objective is to democratize financial information and equip users to make informed decisions. Please note that while this tool aims to bring stock analyzing advantages to users, financial decisions should not solely be based on the GPT analysis.

Always consult with a financial advisor or do further personal research when trading stocks.


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