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What is the current valuation analysis for Tesla?
Has Microsoft had any good or bad news lately?
Compare NVIDIA and Intel's latest earnings reports
Tell me the analyst forecast target price for Apple
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Stock Analysis GPT is an AI investment assistant developed by the TigerGPT team specifically for aiding investors in their research and analysis of crucial stock information.

Its function as a GPT is to allow users to seamlessly navigate the demands of real-time market data. It has the capability to provide analysis of stock movements, which can be valuable in determining trends or understanding volatile shifts in the market.

Another notable feature is its ability to analyse earnings data, an important metric for investors to assess a company's profitability. Investors may also gain impartial insights from news and viewpoints organized by this tool.

The GPT provides a comprehensive analysis of stocks, making it easier for investors to understand the bigger picture. As a component of ChatGPT, Stock Analysis GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for usage.

The tool has a welcoming message for new users expressing readiness to assist in analyzing financial news. The prompt starters it provides such as queries on valuation analysis for specific companies, news updates for certain companies or comparisons between different corporations' earnings reports, can guide users to delve deeper into stock analysis.

This tool could be beneficial for both novice investors looking for guidance and professional traders seeking to streamline their analysis process.


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