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AI-powered stock predictions and news insights for over 1,000 US companies.
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Foliko is an AI-powered tool offering stock market analysis. The core function of the tool revolves around providing stock predictions and news insights for an expansive range of US companies.

The application is designed to save users significant research time, streamlining the process of screening stocks by leveraging key features trade action signals, AI predictions and news insights.

Users receive algorithmically-generated insights on the performance of popular stocks, helping them make more informed decisions. Foliko equips investors with a customized news feed, covering stock market news from multiple sources around the globe.

This feature ensures its users are kept abreast of relevant changes or developments relating to their stocks of interest. The tool aims to aid investors in making faster and more confident decisions.

Overall, Foliko serves as a comprehensive tool for investors looking to leverage AI for efficient, robust stock market research and analysis.


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Foliko was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes over 1000 companies
Provides stock predictions
Offers news insights
Targets US securities
Trade action signals
Customized news feed
Stock performance insights
Global news coverage
Time saving features
Promotes informed decisions
Aids faster decision-making
Comprehensive research assistance
Covers popular stocks
Delivers algorithmically-generated insights
Helps identify investment opportunities
Health factor framework
Multiple dimensions of analysis
Promotes unbiased decisions
Price target forecasts


Limited to US companies
Potential data privacy issues
No mention of international coverage
Bias towards popular stocks
Reliance on algorithmic insights
News feed customization unclear
No direct investment option
No mobile app mentioned
Lacks sector-specific analysis
No real-time data updates


What is Foliko?
How does Foliko provide stock market analysis?
What companies does Foliko provide insights for?
What are the key features of Foliko?
What is the purpose of Foliko's customized news feed?
How is Foliko's AI used in stock predictions?
Which sources does Foliko use for its news insights?
How does Foliko help in the decision-making process for investors?
How does Foliko streamline the process of screening stocks?
What type of trade signals does Foliko provide?
How often is the news feed on Foliko updated?
Why should I use Foliko instead of other stock market analysis tools?
Does Foliko only cover US companies?
How accurate are the AI predictions on Foliko?
How does Foliko help save research time?
What are Foliko's key factors used evaluating a company's growth or decline?
How does Foliko's AI model help avoid emotional bias in investment decisions?
How comprehensive is Foliko's news coverage?
What's the difference between Foliko and traditional stock prediction tools?
Why choose Foliko for efficient, robust stock market research?


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