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Stock pattern analyst & chart plotter
GPT welcome message: I can analyze and plot stock patterns for you!
Sample prompts:
Analyze AAPL patterns
Show me TSLA candlesticks
Explain MSFT chart patterns
Detail bullish patterns for AMZN
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Trading Master is a GPT which is primarily designed to serve as a stock pattern analyst and chart plotter. An appealing tool for stock investors and traders, Trading Master can be thought of as an analytical asset, enabling a deeper understanding of stock market trends.

Unlike the conventional approach of stock pattern analysis, the GPT leverages OI Technology's ChatGPT capabilities to provide rich analytical insights interactively to the user.

One of the key functions of this tool is to curate an in-depth analysis of specific stocks. The user can directly request, for instance, to 'Analyze AAPL patterns' or 'Show me TSLA candlesticks', and the GPT will respond with the requested analysis.

Additionally, by posing direct inquiries such as 'Explain MSFT chart patterns' or 'Detail bullish patterns for AMZN', the user can gain information on specific chart patterns or trends related to the stock in question.

The GPT's function goes beyond the mere plotting of stock patterns by offering interpretations and details concerning those patterns. However, the use of Trading Master requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

It is hosted on, where interested users can sign up to begin experiencing the tool's stock analysis capabilities.


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Trading Master was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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