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Stock Market Analyst using Updated S&P 500 Data
GPT welcome message: Hello! Looking for the latest insights on S&P 500 stocks? I'm here to help.
Sample prompts:
Which five stocks have the highest ratings on Yahoo Finance today
Find stocks with a one-year target price above their market price
What are the most promising stocks right now?
Can you compare two stocks for me?
What should I know about the current market situation?
Email [email protected] for detailed queries.
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AI Stock Picker is a GPT that serves as a virtual Stock Market Analyst, specializing in providing insights on S&P 500 data. Developed by, this tool offers intriguing functions which aim to aid those interested in the stock market, whether they are professional traders, researchers or hobbyists.

AI Stock Picker employs updates on S&P 500 data to deliver analyses on various stocks. It is capable of showcasing high-rated stocks on Yahoo Finance, identifying stocks whose one-year target price is above their market price, and highlighting the most promising stocks in the current market.

Moreover, AI Stock Picker can also execute comparisons between two stocks based upon the user's request. Users can enquire about the current market situation and gain valuable information to guide their decisions.

Its complex algorithms, powered by ChatGPT, enable to derive and present these interpretations to its users effectively. Besides all, users have the facility to send detailed queries via email for further in-depth discussions or any specific data requirements.

Its objective is not only to facilitate stock market enthusiasts but also to offer a platform for exploring and understanding the dynamic landscape of stock markets.

Note: Access to AI Stock Picker requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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