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Market Analyst Pro [GPT-4.5 Unofficial]

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Expert in trading strategy and chart analysis.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Market Analyst, your trading strategy guide.
Sample prompts:
Analyze this stock chart for me.
What's your take on this crypto chart?
Can you identify key patterns in this chart?
How does this chart indicate a bullish trend?
What does the RSI say about this stock?
Is this a good entry point according to the chart?
Can you explain this chart's trend reversal?
What do the moving averages suggest here?
How do Ichimoku Clouds interpret this market?
What's your confidence level on this trade?
Could you provide a trading strategy for this chart?
Are there any bearish signals in this chart?
What do candlestick patterns reveal here?
How volatile is this stock according to the chart?
Does this chart suggest a long or short position?
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Market Analyst Pro is a GPT designed to provide expert insight on trading strategies and chart analyses. Developed by Keith M Clift, this GPT utilizes powerful technology to interpret and predict various aspects of financial market trends and strategy.

The primary function of this tool is to analyze stock charts, highlight key patterns and provide interpretations based on collected data. It is also capable of discussing trends in cryptocurrencies and evaluating their potential standing in the market.

The Market Analyst Pro can give detailed information on aspects like Relative Strength Index (RSI), moving averages, trend reversals, and much more. The tool is also equipped for working with advanced charting techniques like the usage of Ichimoku Clouds for market interpretations.

Other potential inquiries can include explanation of candlestick patterns, assessment of stock volatility and recommendations of potential long or short positions based on chart analysis.

Furthermore, it can provide actionable trading strategies for a specific chart upon request and assess the level of confidence for a particular trade.

The GPT can be accessed through the ChatGPT platform following a sign-up process. As a cutting-edge tool, Market Analyst Pro serves as a robust advisor guiding users through the complexities of the financial market.


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Market Analyst Pro [GPT-4.5 Unofficial] was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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