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ByAskar Aisautov
Advanced AI expert in trading, designed for traders.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Advanced AI Trading Guru, your top tool for real-time trading insights! Ready to trade?
Sample prompts:
What's the latest on global stock markets?
How can I refine my trading approach?
Can you analyze the potential of a specific cryptocurrency?
Show me a simulation of a high-stakes trading scenario.
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Trading Guru is a GPT expertly designed to aid traders. As a GPT application built on the ChatGPT infrastructure, Trading Guru provides comprehensive, advanced AI trading insights.

It's created with the primary aim of serving as a useful tool for traders seeking real-time, AI-generated guidance and analysis on various trading aspects.

This GPT is capable of answering queries about the latest happenings in global stock markets, aiding traders to refine their trading strategies, and analyzing the potential of specific cryptocurrencies.

The GPT is also equipped to run simulations of high-stakes trading scenarios, providing a safe and analytical environment for experimentation and learning.

As such, Trading Guru becomes a powerful tool for traders seeking to gain valuable trading insights without risk. Credentials are required to access the Trading Guru GPT, as it is exclusive for ChatGPT Plus members.

The GPT's easy interaction and insightful responses make it an effectual assistant for anyone seeking to enhance their trading game, from beginners to professionals.

The tool is meticulously designed for providing a welcoming and interactive experience for the users, making AI-integrated trading accessible and understandable for all.


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Trading Guru was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 31st 2023.
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