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Bridging the gap between Wall Street and retail traders.
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Tradytics is an AI platform designed to simplify and democratize the world of trading by making complex trading data accessible and actionable to every trader.

It bridges the gap between Wall Street and retail traders by churning premium options flow data into profitable trading strategies. The tool aids users with a vast collection of trading-focused tools and features.

It incorporates AI to mine and present data typically only available to Wall Street professionals. Features include newsletters, school, and a blog to keep users updated.

An important aspect of Tradytics is transparency, highlighted by presenting users with a clear picture of the data and analytics they are using. Tradytics not only offers data, but also provides users with insights through innovative news formats that combine and summarize stock news.

The service is available across various platforms including web, iOS, and Android, enabling convenience for the user. They also offer a Discord bot integration for users who want to utilize the service within their Discord servers.

The system includes free basic access as well as tiered paid plans with enhanced features. As well as providing data, Tradytics hosts a Discord community where users can interact and learn from each other.

Tradytics was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 4th 2023.
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Oct 26, 2023
Rated it
terrible app had to get a refund the data is wrong and doesnt match up when you check with the brokers

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Pros and Cons


Web, iOS and Android availability
Live options flow
Extensive scanners
Market dashboards
Ticker dashboards
Long-term portfolios
Technical analysis tools
Detailed trade ideas
Large trusted user base
Active trading community
Discord server integration
Free basic access
Tiered paid plans
Innovative news formats
Transparent data presentation
Offers trading education resources
Newsletter, School and Blog features
Data access similar to Wall street
One stop shop for traders
Lightweight mobile apps
Discord bot for discord servers
Crash courses and tutorials available
Accessible and actionable complex trading data
User-friendly interface
Real-time Updates
Daily scanner
Premium scanners
Algorithmic analyses
Discord premium community access with subscription
Live market data access with subscription


Expensive paid plans
No API for third party integration
Dependence on Discord for community
Limited free tool offering
No refunds policy
Trial does not cover all features
Requires basic knowledge in trading


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What types of trade activities does Tradytics support?
Can I use Tradytics on both iOS and Android platforms?
What type of traders is Tradytics targeted at?
How does Tradytics ensure the transparency of my data?
Does Tradytics offer newsletters or updates?
What are the features included in the full pro access?
Does Tradytics provide real time updates?
How does Tradytics compare with other similar AI trading tools?
How active is the Tradytics Discord community?

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