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Customizable prebuilt strategies for trading.
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Composer is an automated trading platform and investment app that enables users to build trading algorithms with AI, backtest them, and execute trades all in one platform.

It requires no coding skills, and its AI-assisted editor allows users to explain their goals, strategy, and risk concerns in natural language. The app then creates the strategy for them.

Composer executes the trading strategy, making trades and rebalancing assets automatically, so users can invest based on data and market movements instead of sensationalized emotions and tweets.Users can discover pre-built strategies across different categories and invest in them directly or make changes and submit their own strategies to the community.

Composer is the brokerage, fully automating trading execution, end-to-end, and allowing users to fund their accounts in the app. There are zero commissions and zero management fees, and transparent pricing is available through the app.Every strategy on Composer is fully customizable and editable.

Users can swap out assets, adjust programmatic logic, and tweak parameters using the no-code, visual editor. The app also provides an impressive backtesting feature that allows users to learn and adapt based on their performance and make improvements.

Composition provides fees, slippage, and final value calculations, and users can share their strategies with others and test them.


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Pros and Cons


Customizable prebuilt trading strategies
No coding skills required
Natural language input
Automated trading execution
Direct investing in strategies
Editable strategies
Asset swapping option
Adjustable programmatic logic
Parameter tweaking
Advance backtesting feature
Shareable strategies
Transparent pricing
Zero commissions
Zero management fees
Account funding within app
Handling end-to-end operations
Automated rebalancing of assets
Creates strategy based on user goals
Dynamic asset selection feature
Total slippage calculation
Allows various conditionals
Handles investment based on market movement
Submission of own strategies to community
Data-driven trading decision support
Ability to adjust weights
Fees and final value calculations
Allows fine-tuning strategies
Compare strategy to benchmarks
Historical allocation graph
Strategy performance metrics


Requires Internet connection
Limited asset options
No multilingual support
Cannot trade futures/options
Limited historical data
No two-factor authentication
No offline mode
Transparent pricing not clear


What is Composer Trade?
How does Composer Trade's algorithm work?
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How does the AI-assisted editor in Composer Trade function?
What kind of trading and investing does Composer Trade support?
How does Composer Trade handle strategy execution?
What is the community feature in Composer Trade?
How does Composer Trade manage fees and commissions?
How can I backtest my trading strategies with Composer Trade?
How does Composer Trade's asset rebalancing work?
What are the specifics of Composer Trade's transparent pricing?
Do I need coding skills to use Composer Trade?
How can I fund my account in Composer Trade?
How can I share my strategies with others in Composer Trade?
How does Composer Trade calculate fees, slippage, and final value?
How does Composer Trade's algorithm react to market movements?
Can I customize every strategy on Composer Trade?
Can I test my strategies for free on Composer Trade?
What investment categories are available in Composer Trade's prebuilt strategies?
What type of support does Composer Trade provide to its users?

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