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Platform for automated crypto investment.
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Soon is a fully automated crypto investing tool that allows users to invest in cryptocurrency without the stress of speculating. The platform uses dollar-cost averaging to invest, meaning users do not need to decide when to buy or sell.

Soon also provides a standard portfolio, eliminating the need for users to spend hours researching what to buy. The tool is designed to take advantage of micro-opportunities provided by cryptocurrency through short-term volatility, buying often and selling often during small and large price upswings, taking smaller gains more frequently that add up over time.

When users spend, Soon is notified and sells their highest gains to cover the transaction. Soon transfers money from the user's bank to invest in crypto and transfers earnings back to their bank weekly.

With every gain sold, Soon sets a portion aside in a Tax Stash to cover the user's capital gains taxes. Soon has a strict 1 to 1 custody policy, which means that for every cryptocurrency denomination presented in the app, that exact amount is held in the user's wallet.

The tool is safe, secure, and ethical, with assets held solely in the US, meeting all regulatory requirements.


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Soon app was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated crypto investing
Uses dollar-cost averaging
Standard portfolio provided
Takes advantage of micro-opportunities
Sells highest gains automatically
Transfers money from bank
Weekly earnings transfers
Sets aside for taxes
Strict 1 to 1 custody
US Regulatory compliant
Secure and Ethical
Transfers earnings back to bank
Advantage of short-term volatility
Notifications upon spending reimbursement
Bank-grade security protocols
Built-in volatility shield
Customer privacy prioritized
256-bit encryption for data
Supported by Fortress Trust
Reduced exposure to loss
No direct crypto contagion
No leverage of user funds
Returns from dollar-cost averaging
Buy-sell cycle for earnings
Automatic portfolio diversification
Invests in multiple crypto positions
No emotional investing stress
Increases user’s buying power
Reduces emotional decision-making
Facilitates more frequent gains
Aggressively takes available gains
Invests in multiple assets
Capital gains tax consideration
Responsible investment approach
Automates sound investing principles
Partnered with regulated trust
No exposure to recent collapses
Military-grade encryption
Multiple fail-safe mechanisms
Data never sold
Incorporated in the USA
Optimized for frequent transactions


Lacks investment customization
Relies on dollar-cost averaging
Standard portfolio only
No market trend analysis
High frequency transactions
Possibly high transfer fees
Dependent on bank compatibility
No direct crypto control
Limited to US users
High focus on micro-opportunities


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What does 1 to 1 custody policy mean in relation to Soon?
Is Soon a safe and secure tool?
How does Soon manage compliance issue related to crypto?
What is dollar-cost averaging as implemented by Soon?
Does Soon automate all aspects of crypto investing?
How does Soon address market fluctuations?
What kind of gains can I expect with Soon?
What kind of investment principles does Soon follow?
How does Soon manage crypto positions?
What is the Wallet Management in Soon?
How does Soon handle exposure to FTX or other recent collapses?
What security measures does Soon have in place?
Who provides custodial services for Soon?

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