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Trade signals for stocks, forex, and crypto.
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AI-Signals is an AI-powered trading indicator designed for traders on TradingView. It provides real-time buy and sell signals for stocks, forex, and crypto.

The indicator uses machine learning algorithms to analyze various parameters and generate accurate trading signals on the user's chart. With this tool, traders can identify optimal entry and exit points for their trades.AI-Signals aims to simplify trading by eliminating complexity and overwhelm, especially for beginners.

By signing up, users can access the AI-powered indicator directly in their TradingView account. The tool offers features such as auto risk management, auto order blocks, and real-time alerts.In addition to the indicator, AI-Signals provides a supportive Discord community of traders, insights, educational content, and more.

Traders can also engage with an AI trading chatbot trained on the platform's data to get answers to their trading-related queries.AI-Signals prides itself as the world's first AI-powered trading community and is committed to helping traders enhance their knowledge and skills using AI technology.

The tool offers different pricing plans, including a free beta version with simple buy/sell signals and a full version with advanced features such as AI-powered buy and sell signals, risk management, order blocks, VIP Discord access, and invitations to exclusive events.Overall, AI-Signals is a comprehensive AI-powered trading indicator aimed at simplifying and improving trading strategies for stocks, forex, and crypto traders on TradingView.


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Aug 9, 2023
Great features, and community!

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Pros and Cons


Real-time buy and sell signals
Supports stocks, forex, and crypto
Direct access via TradingView account
Auto risk management
Auto order blocks
Real-time alerts
Supportive Discord community
Educational content offered
User-friendly for beginners
Multiple pricing plans
Free beta version available
Ai-Powered Order Blocks
VIP Discord Access
Exclusive Event Invitations
Continuous tool improvement
Futuristic machine learning
Precise buy and sell signals
Trusted by traders worldwide
Features beneficial for both beginners and professionals
Indicator showing entry and exit points
Simplifies complex trading process
Real-time trade guidance
Supportive trading community
Easy tool setup
Tool targets trading knowledge and skills enhancement
Beta and full version available
Safe and secure checkout
Inspiring user feedback
Focuses on user trading growth
Real-time market behavior analysis
Explicit tool guides and tutorials
Easy account setup process
Directly integrated into TradingView
Trains users for market movements
Profit-oriented features
Multiple features for advanced traders
Timely and relevant trading alerts
Well-maintained privacy policy
Passionate trading community
Encourages responsible trading


Limited to TradingView
No alternative payment options
Visible latency in signals
No multi-language support
No mobile app available
Limited auto order blocks
No tiered pricing options
Lack of customizable indicators
Limited to stocks, forex, crypto


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Are there any resources to help understand how to use AI-Signals?
How is the AI-Signals trading chatbot able to assist traders?
Does AI-Signals only support trading in stocks, forex, and crypto?
How does AI-Signals reduce the complexity involved in trading?
How can I join the AI-Signals Discord community?
What kind of content can I expect in the AI-Signals Discord community?
What are the different pricing plans offered by AI-Signals?
How can I access the AI-Signals indicator on my TradingView account?
What are auto risk management and auto order blocks in AI-Signals?
Does AI-Signals trigger real-time trading alerts?
Are there any events or exclusive access made available to AI-Signals users?
What is the full version of AI-Signals and what additional features does it offer?
How to join the waitlist for AI-Signals?
What can I expect from the AI-powered buy and sell signals from AI-Signals?
What if still have doubts after browsing the FAQ section on AI-Signals?

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