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Real-time Stock and Options Agent for Trading and Research
GPT welcome message: Hello! How can I help you master the markets? Is there a ticker you need me to analyze?
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Ultimate Analysis
Are there any Federal Documents related to options trading?
What's the current state of the economy?
What are you capable of?
Generate a news sentiment visualization for TSLA.
What's the earnings for today?
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A.I. Trader is a GPT that provides real-time assistance in stock and options trading, research, and market analysis. Made by fudstop.io, this GPT is designed to help its users manage and optimize their participation in the financial markets.

The tool operates in real-time and offers a wide range of financial services. Specifically, it conducts in-depth analysis of stock and options, carries out research on various market trends, and provides insights into economic conditions or specific company's earnings, enabling its users to make informed trading decisions.

Moreover, the A.I. Trader GPT also possesses capabilities related to assessing legal documents concerning options trading and generating visualizations for news sentiment on specific tickers like TSLA.

Its interaction with users is conversational, prompted by enquiries or commands like 'Ultimate Analysis' or specific market-related questions. Furthermore, the tool's services requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, implying its utilization of enhanced AI technologies for functions beyond basic market offerings.

In addition to providing valuable data, the tool also empowers users to master the complex financial markets via educational dialogues and real-time assistance in the decision-making process.


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