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ByFlavio Duarte
Uncover information on securities trading and derivatives.
Sample prompts:
Quais foram as movimentações realizadas em debêntures no mês?
Houve venda de ativos na Cosan?
Quais conselhos de administração compraram ações?
Quais grupos de pessoas você conhece?
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InsiderGPT is a GPT developed to provide insights about securities and derivatives trades by administrators and individuals associated with publicly traded companies registered in the CVM (Brazil's Securities and Exchange Commission).

The tool is designed to cater to the need for comprehensive, reliable, and easily accessible data on these transactions. It does not only provide data but also retains a user-friendly system that responds to queries, providing accurate information for a specified month; in this case, for September 2023.

The capability of this GPT to provide such information could make it an essential tool for financial analysts, investors, and anyone interested in monitoring the movements in the financial market.

However, its usage requires an active ChatGPT Plus subscription. Through the prompt starters offered by this tool, users can ask a range of questions for instance about the transactions related to debentures, activities around asset sales in specific companies like Cosan, understand who among the board of directors purchased shares, thereby enabling them to keep track of investment information.


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