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Your financial market information assistant.
GPT welcome message: Hello! How can I assist you with financial market insights today?
Sample prompts:
What's the current exchange rate for EUR to USD?
Tell me the key overnight FX news?
Can you plot me the historical graph of USD/CNY prices?
Can you write me a python code script for the backtesting of EUR/USD rates using RSI indicators?
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Market Vanguard, also known as , is a GPT designed to function as a financial market information assistant. It specializes in providing insights and assistance in the realm of Forex and stock markets.

This GPT allows users to interact with rich financial data and provides a channel to ask questions related to the market. Users can enquire about the current exchange rate between currencies, request the key overnight foreign exchange news, or ask for historical data visualization like plotting the graph of USD/CNY prices.

Market Vanguard can take inquiries a step further by providing programming guidance; for instance, users can ask for assistance to write Python scripts for backtesting EUR/USD rates using Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicators.

As a result, this GPT not only caters to users seeking real-time and historical market data but also those who wish to perform their own detailed market analysis employing technical indicators.

To access this tool, users need to sign up and it requires ChatGPT Plus. The primary aim of Market Vanguard is to harness the predictive abilities of AI to furnish users with readily accessible, precise, and timely financial market insights.


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