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ByLuke Rothrock
Guiding you through stocks, options, futures, and crypto.
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Explain stock market trends.
Guide me through options trading.
What are futures contracts?
Advice on crypto trading.
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Market Mentor is a GPT that's specially designed to serve as a comprehensive guide on different aspects of financial markets, such as stocks, options, futures, and cryptocurrencies.

The tool leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to generate informed responses and guides on these subjects. It can be remarkably helpful for users looking to understand or navigate their way through complex financial markets.

The GPT prompts users with valuable insights on market trends, options trading, futures contracts, and cryptocurrency trading, allowing them to make more informed financial decisions.

In addition, users can sign up to chat and get interactive with the system to better understand these topics. Created by Luke Rothrock, Market Mentor offers a welcoming and user-friendly environment for discussing and learning about finance.

Furthermore, the tool requires ChatGPT Plus to operate, implying it might offer additional advanced functionalities. Whether you are new to investing or are an experienced trader seeking to broaden your understanding, Market Mentor can be a useful tool for enhancing your knowledge and skills in handling financial investments.


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