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Analyzing charts, offering strategic market advice.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Ask me anything about Chan's theory and Li Biao's insights.
Sample prompts:
Analyze this stock chart using Chan's theory.
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Expert in Chan's is a GPT focused on the interpretation and application of Chan's theory to financial markets. The GPT provides guidance in analyzing charts and offers strategic advice on market trends.

Essential for both novices and experienced traders, the tool leverages the power of AI to deliver insights based on Chan's theory related to stock market movements.

A fundamental feature of this tool is its interactive interface. Users are welcomed to ask anything about Chan's theory and Li Biao's insights, promoting an ongoing dialogue between the user and the AI.

The GPT offers prompt starters, which include requests to analyze specific stock charts using Chan's theory, discussing stories about Li Biao, or asking about the core of Chan's theory.

The tool can also provide operational advice based on Chan's theory analysis. The GPT requires ChatGPT Plus, indicating it has supplemental features not available in the basic ChatGPT version.

The host site for this GPT is 260pa.com, which suggests that specific membership or subscription may be required to access and utilize Expert in Chan's tool.

This tool is a valuable asset for anyone interested in financial analysis within the framework of Chan's theory.


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