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Experience seamless crypto trading with our AI bot.
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DipSway is a cryptocurrency trading AI bot designed to offer automation in the space of crypto trading. The bot operates automatically, executing trades 24/7 on a user-friendly interface.

The bot is primarily designed to remove manual and tedious tasks associated with trading. DipSway employs a variety of trading and investment strategies and encompasses over 121 indicators tailored with a Walk Forward Optimization methodology to optimize the time to execute buying or selling trades.

A cloud bot component provides the capability to automate buying and selling operations, making it possible for the bot to carry on trading even when the user is absent.

While the amount of return per trading operation varies, the bot along with the dashboard provides visibility to users on the profits earned. The product does not require deposit and offers a trial period for users.

This platform supports a multitude of exchange markets, making it versatile for various trading scenarios. The AI bot also incorporates wallet management and other pertinent metrics within a single platform.

Trading strategies include positioning before the rise and automatic selling prior to a drop, thereby maximizing potential earnings.


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Sep 12, 2023
This is a well-made product. I'm literally the worst trader ever and by just connecting my wallet I'm already getting some profit!

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Pros and Cons


Maximizes crypto wallet potential
Secure API connection
Advanced encryption for protection
No need to monitor market all day
Automation of trading
24/7 operation
Offers passive income
Complete control over trading strategies
Keeps crypto wallet connection
User-friendly interface
Investment strategies include positioning
Automatic selling before a drop
Walk forward optimization methodology
Cloud bot to automate buying and selling
Profit tracking
No deposit required
Trial period offered
Supports multitude of exchange markets
Single-platform wallet management
Integrated metrics
121+ trade indicators
Does not have access to users' funds
Automated algorithmic trading options
Platform supported by several exchanges
Buy crypto automatically
Sell crypto automatically
Easy setup
Safe API connection
Can't withdraw user funds
IP restricted servers for safe connection
Performance checked by live backtests
Learning resources available
Caters to various trading scenarios


No mobile app
Limited free trial
Complex for beginners
No instant trade cancellation
Needs API connection
No multi-currency support
One trading strategy limitation
No offline trading


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Does DipSway require constant monitoring of the market?
Do I need to deposit any money to get started with DipSway?
Does DipSway offer any trial period?
How does DipSway's user-friendly interface improve the user experience?
What kind of trading strategies does DipSway employ?
What do you mean by 'Walk Forward Optimization' in DipSway?
How does DipSway decide the optimal time for buying and selling trades?
What metrics are included in DipSway's dashboard for user visibility?
How many exchange markets does DipSway support?
How does DipSway manage to operate 24/7?
What kind of automation does DipSway's cloud bot provide?
What types of crypto can DipSway handle?
How does DipSway handle wallet management?
Can DipSway operate even when the user is absent?

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