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Created React-based blockchain apps.
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The React App is a tool that enables developers and agencies to rapidly generate customizable React-based applications for seamless integration with blockchain technology.

It is part of an AI blockchain toolkit that also includes advanced vulnerability detection and unit test generation for secure smart contract coding. The React App is designed to simplify the integration process, making it easier for developers to create user-friendly applications that leverage the power of blockchain technology.

While no specific information is given about the React App's features, it is clear that it is part of a suite of tools that prioritizes security and prevention.

The code snippet provides an example of a smart contract for locking funds until a certain date and includes code for withdrawing funds once that time has passed.

The code includes a comment regarding using console.log for debugging purposes, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive testing and debugging. The React App is presented as a community-driven project that requires support to remain active.

Overall, the tool appears to be a useful resource for those looking to integrate React-based front-end applications with blockchain technology, particularly for those developers who value security and vulnerability detection.

Smaty was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


React-based blockchain apps
Advanced vulnerability detection
Unit test generation
Simplifies integration process
Secures smart contract coding
Community-driven project
Supports comprehensive testing
Prioritizes security and prevention
Customizable applications
Easy fund-lock smart contracts


No specific features detailed
Relies on community funding
No clear user interface
No stated licence
Limited debugging indications
No proprietary languages support
No visible support service
No direct integration options
Management features not mentioned
Tutorial resources not provided


What is the purpose of Smaty?
What does Smaty's React App do?
How can Smaty ensure secure smart contracts?
“How does Smaty assist in vulnerability detection?
How does the React App in Smaty help in blockchain integration?
Can Smaty be used by both developers and agencies?
What is the role of unit test generation in Smaty?
How is Smaty contributing to security and prevention in app development?
Can Smaty generate customizable React applications?
Is Smaty a community-driven project?
What are the system requirements to run Smaty's React App?
How does Smaty's smart contract example code work?
How is debugging handled within Smaty?
What kind of support does the Smaty project need to stay active?
Are there any specific programming knowledge required to use Smaty?
How user-friendly are the applications created using Smaty?
What type of Blockchain technology can be integrated with the React Apps created using Smaty?
How does Smaty manage fund locking up to a certain date?
What role does console.log play in Smaty’s debugging process?
Can Smaty be utilized for educational purposes?

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