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Typeblock is a tool that allows users to build and share AI apps without the need for coding or hiring expensive developers. With a simple Notion-like editor, users can create shareable AI apps for various purposes.

Typeblock takes care of hosting, database management, and deployment, making it easy for users to focus on app development.The tool is suitable for entrepreneurs, agencies, and marketing teams who want to quickly build AI tools.

For example, users can create SEO optimized blog posts and publish them directly to their CMS, generate personalized cold emails for sales teams, write highly converting social media ads and posts, or build an app that generates landing page copy for marketing purposes.

Newsletter creation powered by AI is also possible with Typeblock.To get started, users can sign up for free without the need for a credit card. Typeblock offers different plans to fit the needs of users, ranging from the free Start plan to the paid Grow and Scale plans.

The paid plans provide benefits such as custom styling, branding, domain name, GPT-4 access, monetization options, and the ability to create custom models and automations.Overall, Typeblock empowers non-technical users to harness the power of AI and build and share functional AI apps quickly and easily.


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Typeblock was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Notion-like editor
Handles hosting and deployment
Decentralized database management
SEO blog post creation
Automated cold email generation
Highly converting ad creation
Automated landing page copy
Automated newsletter creation
Free to start
No credit card required
Custom styling in paid plans
Custom branding in paid plans
Custom domain names in paid plans
GPT-4 Access in paid plans
Monetization options in paid plans
Create custom models in paid plans
Create custom automations in paid plans
Unlimited applications in paid plans
Unlimited submissions with API Key
Built for entrepreneurs, agencies, marketers
App creation under 2 minutes
Variety of plans available
Publish directly to CMS
Blog and roadmap available
Comes with cancellable subscriptions


Limited free plan
Paid plans required for customization
No GPT-3 access for free users
Lacks custom models in low-tier plans
No custom automations in lower-tier plans
Limited submissions without API key
No given support for multiple platforms
Dependency on external API for unlimited submissions
No money-back guarantee information
Company relatively new (copyright 2023)


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What features are present in the paid plans of Typeblock?
Does Typeblock take care of the hosting, database and deployment of my apps?
What type of content can be created using Typeblock?
Can I publish SEO optimized blog posts directly to my CMS with the help of Typeblock?
Can I send personalized cold emails for my sales team with Typeblock?
Can I create highly converting social media ads and posts with Typeblock?
What are the possibilities of building an app providing landing page copy with Typeblock?
Does Typeblock allow the creation of AI-powered newsletters?
What are the benefits of using GPT-4 Access in Typeblock?
What are the automations in the Scale plan of Typeblock?
Can I monetize my apps using Typeblock?
Is custom branding possible with Typeblock?
Can I use my own domain name with Typeblock?
What is the limitation on application builds and monthly submissions in the free Start plan?

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