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Apps can recognize and generate voice.
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Microsoft Azure Speech Studio is a suite of services that provides users with the ability to make their applications “hear, understand, and even talk” to customers.

It provides speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities in more than 100 languages and dialects, as well as custom speech models that can handle domain-specific terminology, background noise, and accents.

It also offers real-time speech-to-text transcription, pronunciation assessment, and audio content creation. Furthermore, it provides voice assistant features such as custom keyword and custom commands, allowing users to control their product through voice.

Speech Studio also offers learning resources like documentation, quick start guides, Microsoft Q&A, and Microsoft Learn for users to explore. Signing up with an Azure account grants users full access to Speech Studio and provides a free $200 Azure credit.

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Pros and Cons


Recognizes and generates voice
Supports 100+ languages
Offers custom speech models
Handles domain-specific terminology
Cancels out background noise
Manages different accents
Real-time transcription
Pronunciation assessment
Audio content creation
Custom keyword feature
Custom command feature
In-depth documentation
Quick-start guides
Accessible Microsoft Q&A
Microsoft Learn resources
Free $200 Azure credit
Customized text-to-speech voices
400+ voices across 140 languages
Emotion-infused speaking styles
Voice Assistant capabilities
Customizable voice for branding
Captioning feature
Post call transcription
Analytics features
Instant pronunciation feedback
Data-based speech customization
Custom keyword creation
Task-oriented voice commands
Interactive learning resources
Full Azure sign-in access
Voice for text-to-speech apps
Can transcribe in real-time
Ability to control product through voice
Can create audio content
Batch transcribe call center recordings
Allows activation by unique keyword
Customization of vocal pacing
Customization of spoken content


Requires Azure account
No offline capabilities
Limited to 100 languages
Domain-specific model creation needed
Custom commands setup required
Dependent on internet connection
Possibly high cost after credits
Needs initial learning resources


What languages does Microsoft Azure Speech Studio support?
How can Speech Studio handle domain-specific terminology?
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What is the pronunciation assessment feature?
How is audio content creation handled by Speech Studio?
What are the voice assistant features?
How does the custom keyword feature work?
What can I do with the custom commands in Speech Studio?
What learning resources does Speech Studio offer?
How can I sign up for Microsoft Azure Speech Studio?
What is the benefit of signing up with an Azure account?
What does the $200 Azure credit get me?
How can Speech Studio be used to control products through voice?
How can I test the live transcription capabilities?
Does Speech Studio have a function for post-call transcription and analytics?
How can I create a custom voice for my text-to-speech apps?
Can I adjust the speaking style, pacing, and pronunciation of my spoken content in Speech Studio?
How to create a unique keyword or short phrase to activate my product by voice?
What benefits do I get from using Azure Cognitive Services Speech?


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