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The Image Creator tool from Microsoft Bing is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) search feature that generates images based on user input text. The tool uses AI technology to analyze the text provided by the user and automatically creates an image that best matches the given description.

It is a free tool that can be accessed through Bing’s Image Search feature. However, to use the tool, users need to agree to Bing's privacy policy, which involves the use of cookies, personalization of ads, analytics, and social media.

The tool also allows users to earn rewards points that can be redeemed for boosts to generate images faster. On the other hand, it is worth noting that the tool may not be available in all regions yet, and there may be some technical issues or delays in image creation.

Overall, the Image Creator tool from Microsoft Bing is an innovative application of AI technology that provides users with a useful feature to create customized images based on their text input.


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Feb 22, 2024
It's absolutely stunning how accurate it transforms your prompts into images, thanks to Dall-e 3. You have 15 boosts, after that image creation takes longer. You can create 30 images per day. You can organize your creations in gallery folders. However, the restrictions are insane, they filter out too many words / combinations of words. If you use words that are filtered, it will block your prompt, but won't tell you which word of your prompt it was. After several tries that resulted in a blocked prompt, you will be banned. This can mean for an hour, a day,... or permanently. If your prompt is OK, the AI will start to generate the images but if the created images are considered 'unsafe content', as the AI created something that could be considered offensive, it won't show you the resulting images. This is really annoying, you can't even create an image with several people in swimwear on a beach, it will generate only one person in swimwear, the other ones are wearing street wear for modesty or decency, I guess. But a single person in swimwear at a beach is ok. The logic behind that doesn't make sense. This could be way better if it would at least tell you the blocked words or mark them. And if you could decide for yourself if you want to see the created 'unsafe' images anyway.

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