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Generating art from dream images.
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Dream AI is an AI-based art generator app available on Google Play. It is designed to help users explore and visualize images in their dreams and turn them into art.

Dream AI features an intuitive interface, making it easy to use for all experience levels. Users can customize the images generated through a range of settings such as color palette and complexity.

Additionally, Dream AI provides resources to help users better understand the meaning of their dreams, including dream journals and interpretation guides, expert insights and community forums.

Dream AI is designed with data safety in mind and does not share data with third parties. It encrypts data in transit and offers users the ability to delete data.

With Dream AI, users can unlock the power of their dreams and explore the world of imagination like never before.


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Pros and Cons


Easy to use interface
Customizable image settings
Resources for dream interpretation
Dream journal feature
Community forums
High data safety standards
Data not shared with third parties
Encrypted data in transit
Option to delete data
Regular updates and improvements
Resource rich for all level users
Good Google Play ratings
Helps in subconscious exploration
Multiple examples for creation
Thorough insights on dreams
Highly personalized art generation


Only on Google Play
Contains ads
Limited customization options
No iOS version
Possibly complex for beginners
No export options mentioned
50+ downloads only
No direct share to socials
No language options mentioned
No batch processing feature


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What resources does Dream AI provide for understanding dreams?
Does Dream AI share user data with third parties?
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