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Seamless pattern generator for product customization.
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PatternedAI is an AI-powered seamless pattern maker designed to help users generate creative and unique patterns for their products. The tool can be accessed from the main page where users are able to explore styles, view a gallery of generated patterns, and log in to access their dashboard.

The free version of PatternedAI allows users to generate 10 free patterns, download unlimited photos, and use the royalty free patterns with an attribution to PatternedAI.

The pay-as-you-go version offers 100 image generations, royalty free patterns without attribution, and generated patterns are displayed in the public gallery.

The upcoming premium version of PatternedAI will offer unlimited image generations, higher resolution patterns, royalty free patterns without attribution, and generated patterns will not be displayed in the public gallery.

PatternedAI is an excellent tool for users looking to generate creative and unique patterns for their products without the hassle of traditional methods.

PatternedAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 28th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates unique patterns
Easy access from main page
Explore styles feature
Public gallery of generated patterns
Allows 10 free pattern generations
Unlimited photo downloads
Royalty-free patterns with attribution
Pay-as-you-go version available
100 image generations per $10
Royalty-free patterns without attribution
Generated patterns in public gallery for feedback
No subscription required
Upcoming premium version
Unlimited image generations in premium
Higher resolution patterns in premium
Private image generation in premium
Royalty-free patterns without attribution in premium
Customizable designs for products


Limited pattern generations free version
No API access
Public display of patterns
Requires attribution for free use
No offline availability
Upcoming features not yet released
Lack of customization options
No subscription model
Limited style variety
Low resolution on free version


What does PatternedAI do?
How does PatternedAI generate patterns?
Is PatternedAI free to use?
What are the features of the free version of PatternedAI?
What does the pay-as-you-go version of PatternedAI offer?
What extra features will be found in the premium version of PatternedAI?
Do I need to attribute patterns used from PatternedAI?
What type of images can PatternedAI generate?
Can the patterns generated by PatternedAI be used for commercial purposes?
How to download pictures from PatternedAI?
Are the patterns generated on PatternedAI displayed on a public gallery?
What is the resolution of the patterns generated by PatternedAI?
How can I customize the patterns generated by PatternedAI?
How many patterns can I generate with PatternedAI for free?
How to access the PatternedAI dashboard?
What's the processing speed of PatternedAI in generating patterns?
Where can I view the gallery of patterns generated by PatternedAI?
Are royalty free patterns available on PatternedAI?
Can PatternedAI generate patterns based on keywords?
Are there any subscription requirements for PatternedAI?

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