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Generated custom images.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that lets you create any image you can imagine from just a text input. It offers a huge range of options, from realistic blog post photos to imaginative illustrations or anime.

It does this by using your text prompt as a guiding source for inspiration, so the more detailed and accurate your description is, the better the image will be.

IMGCreator also offers various styles, from anime to art to realistic photos, and you can even adjust the reference strength and canvas size to get the perfect image.

It also has a convenient feature where you can generate infinite similar versions of the reference image in seconds. IMGCreator makes it easy to bring your imagination to life quickly and easily.


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Imagen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates custom images
Multiple style options
Adjustable reference strength
Adjustable canvas size
Generates similar versions rapidly
Text-prompt guided inspiration
Supports anime images
Supports art images
Supports realistic photos
Provides style guidance
Text input to image
Community support option
Pro credits available
Keeps your image history
Offers prompt guide
Offers numerous categories
Japanese Anime style available
Bright Girl style available
Makoto Shinkai style available
Upload your reference image feature
Kawaii pet transformation support
Gorgeous Girl style available
Adds style to illustrations
Various number of images
Supports landscapes to characters
Easy image description


Requires detailed text input
Limited style options
No adjustments after generating
Complex descriptions yield poor results
Potentially long queue wait times
Canvas size limits
Premium for instant results
No download option for free users
Limited number of images generated
No application version


What is
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How can I generate infinite similar versions of a reference image using
What are the different styles offered by
How accurate is in creating images from text prompts?
Can generate anime style images?
How does the image reference strength feature work on
How detailed should my description be for to generate a good image?
Can I adjust the canvas size on
Can generate images for blog posts?
What is the range of images that can create?
How does use text prompts for image generation?
How quickly can generate images?
Is user-friendly for beginners?
Can generate a design or product image from text input?
Will the final image quality be affected if I give a complex or lengthy description to
Is there a guide or tutorial to find my way around
What is the advantage of signing up for
How do I support the new feature launch of on Product Hunt?

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