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Digital art creation and animation for smartphones.
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MagicArt AI is a smartphone application developed by Urartutech designed to facilitate the creation of AI art and animations. Within the application, users have access to 134 differing AI models to create diverse styles of artworks.

Additionally, MagicArt AI provides its users with 30 distinct visual styles to personalize and give their art a unique touch. The application also comes with a smart search function where users are able to search for and find AI-generated images and animations.

One of the key features of MagicArt AI is its ease in exporting and sharing creations from the application. Not only does it cater to artists and designers, but it also serves as an engine of inspiration for individuals looking for AI-generated creatives.

Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes the application accessible for users of different levels of expertise in digital art and design. Furthermore, MagicArt AI emphasizes the importance of data safety, promising no data collection or sharing with third parties, and ensures data is encrypted in transit.

It offers constant updates on its operation for improved application performance and user experience.


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