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Generate arts from prompts using AI.
Sample prompts:
Draw me an image from "summer portrait of a woman, art in the style of Alexandr Averin"
Create an image from "A beautiful, dreamy, fantastic fairy tale landscape as a watercolor painting. Little elves in colorful dresses dance among the beautiful colorful flowers. Glitter falls from the sky. Alcohol ink Mist is in the Air, acrylic painting, trending on pixiv fanbox, palette knife and brush strokes, style of makoto shinkai jamie wyeth james gilleard edward hopper greg rutkowski studio ghibli genshin impact"
Generate an image from "A child walking in the forest sees a crying baby fox, illustration, children's book, childish, for children, pencil, vibrant colors"
Draw an image from "The image of a Christmas scene featuring a snow-blanketed village with vibrant festive lights, intricately designed snowflakes, and children building a snowman has been created. The scene is detailed and captures the magical essence of a winter holiday."
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Artology GPT, also known as Stable Diffusion, is an AI image generation tool powered by The primary function of this tool is to generate artwork based on specific user prompts.

It operates via the SDXL model in order to create these works of art. The tool is embedded on the website. The GPT's special features, including richer models and filters, image-to-image transitions, controlnet, inpainting, and upscaling, augment the user's experience by providing a range of capabilities for image generation and manipulation.The tool's use is quite interactive and diverse, as suggested by its prompt starters.

Users can command the GPT to draw or create images inspired by an array of themes and styles. For instance, they could request it to draw a summer portrait of a woman in the style of a specific artist, create a dreamy fairy tale landscape as a watercolor painting, or generate a detailed Christmas scene.

This could range from creating illustrations for children's books to developing artwork in the style of famous artists. Therefore, Artology GPT is a versatile tool that artistically fuses AI with user imagination to create unique and personalized art pieces.


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