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First AI image generator for creatives.
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Visual Electric is an AI-based image generator, specifically designed with creatives in mind. It offers an infinite canvas and an intuitive interface to simplify the user's creative process.

The tool allows users to generate unique images based on specific prompts, providing a vast library of varied and inspiring imagery. The different moods provided as prompts vary from Photography, Cinematic, Film, to Twee, enabling a visually diverse range of styles.

It also features a Remix option which enables users to iterate on their ideas, modifying colors and moods until they hit the desired results. Users are also given the liberty to refine their results, using the 'Touch Up' option, making minor changes to generate tailored images.

An additional feature called 'Variations' allows users to stimulate creativity and visual evolution by adjusting a creativity slider. After generating the perfect image, users can 'Upscale' it by enhancing its sharpness and resolution.

Visual Electric positions itself as a new creative tool designed to push boundaries in the realm of visual artistic creation.


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