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An AI image-generation tool, CGDream bolsters creators with the ability to generate images from provided textual descriptions. It is versatile in usage, suitable for a range of applications including art generation, social media content creation, advertising, and more.

Once provided with a specific mass of text, CGDream uses an AI model to generate a unique image reflecting the instructions given in the prompts. These prompts can also include negative commands, allowing the user to exclude specific elements from the image.

The tools capabilities extend to allowing description of image dimensions as well as the quantity of images to be generated. CGDream enables the user to select an AI model which best fits the purpose of the image creation, with each model potentially trained on differing data and thereby offering unique styles and qualities.

Furthermore, the tool allows for adjustments in image quality and details, providing the user with as much or as little input as they wish. Additionally, it includes features to adjust the chaos and creativity in the image and select up to five suggested filters to enhance image quality and style, based on the given prompts.

Images generated are default set to private, and need to be intentionally shared by the user. CGDream is a robust tool for creative image generation using AI.


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Pros and Cons


Generates images from text
Negative command capability
Customizable image dimensions
Multiple image generation
Trained on varied data
User-controlled image quality
Details adjustment feature
Chaos and creativity control
Option for filters application
Private by default
Supports a range of applications
Option to adjust generation time
Unique styles and qualities
Capability for bulk generation
Intentional sharing feature
Seed randomizing for variations
Prompts-based filters suggestion
Inbuilt image quality enhancement


No batch download option
Potential inconsistency between models
Quality improvements increase wait time
No collaborative features
Limited to five filters
Requires manual sharing
No mobile version
Lack interface customization
Cannot reuse past prompts
Each model vary in styles


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