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Create High Quality Product Photos with AI
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ViGen is an AI powered online design tool that serves to automate and enhance the process of creating product images for marketing needs. It is particularly useful for producing e-commerce banners, posters, and product videos across various product categories such as beauty, FMCG, 3C, home appliances, and home improvement.Users can simply upload their product images and the AI will automatically remove the image background.

The software then provides access to hundreds of background templates for the user to choose from to replace the original background and generate the final product image.Additionally, the tool offers different output formats, including horizontal, vertical and square dimensions, making it adaptable for various marketing channels including twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Furthermore, ViGen boosts creative generation through its ability to produce a number of different scenes from a single product image, providing its users with a wide array of creative choices.The tool uses advanced AI image generation technology to create high-quality product images, and supports customization of image sizes and qualities, reportedly up to 2K resolution.

It features the capability to directly adjust the position and size of products in the scene to ensure appropriate display.For added convenience, ViGen also offers functionality to edit the generated images by adjusting size, erasing unsuitable objects, and adding objects to the scene.

In an upcoming feature, ViGen plans to incorporate intelligent generation of extended images based on the content of the generated product images, which will expand the content and details of the original images.

Finally, it has the potential to efficiently produce large quantities of high-quality product photos in different styles in a short time span, and in batches when using images of multiple products.


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Pros and Cons


Automates product image creation
Background removal feature
Hundreds of background templates
Offers different output formats
Adaptable for various marketing channels
Generates different scenes
High-quality product image creation
Customizable image sizes and qualities
Supports 2K resolution
Direct product position and size adjustment
Built-in image edit functionality
Extended image creation feature (upcoming)
Efficient bulk photo production
Handles multiple product images
E-commerce friendly
Variety in product categories
Produces banners, posters, product videos
Enhances creative process
Saves time on image editing
Wide array of creative choices
Can erase and add objects
Expand content and details in images


Limited to 2K resolution
No real-time editing
Delayed feature updates
Limited image type input
Lower efficiency with multiple products
Limited template variety
Returns automatic results only
No API for integration
Not suitable for complex backgrounds
Unable to handle 3D images


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What editing functions does ViGen offer?
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Can I erase objects from scenes in images created by ViGen?
Are the images created by ViGen suitable for e-commerce banners and posters?


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