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Create professional AI-generated product images in minutes.
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PhotoRush is a tool designed to streamline the generation of professional product images using AI technology. With PhotoRush, users can carry out a digital photo shoot directly from their devices and receive high-quality product photos in minutes.

The tool works by having the user upload their image samples. From these samples, PhotoRush's AI technology goes to work, expertly training custom models to generate stunning visuals ideal for E-commerce, Instagram, Amazon, or Etsy photos.

Once the model is trained, users receive a curated collection of images. PhotoRush emphasizes user data privacy by promptly deleting user images used for AI model training after a week and purges all photos and data from their active databases after a 30-day period.

The images generated by PhotoRush are delivered with a comprehensive commercial license, granting users complete ownership and use rights. It accepts images in JPG and PNG formats.

Users unsatisfied with their photos or find the photos unrepresentative of their product can request a full refund within 7 days from purchase. Payment processing on PhotoRush is handled via Stripe for secure transactions.

Apart from photo generation, PhotoRush also offers packages tailored to individuals and businesses of varying sizes.


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PhotoRush was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates professional product images
Offers digital photo shoot
Produces images in minutes
Ideal for E-commerce use
Perfect for Instagram
Optimized for Amazon
Suitable for Etsy posts
Prioritizes user data privacy
Deletes user images post-training
Purges all data in 30 days
Comprehensive commercial license
Users receive image ownership
Accepts JPG and PNG formats
7-day full refund policy
Stripe payment processing
Offers tailored packages
Option for fast model training
Photos are user-input guided
Model training from user samples
Images generated are curated
Emphasizes customer satisfaction and representation
Secure transactions assured
Freely usable images for users
Image rights retained by user
Payments do not involve personal card details
Customizable offering for different business sizes
Caters to individual usage need
High quality product image generation
Output images suited for online sales platforms
Robust data management system
User-friendly interface and navigation
Encourages customer feedback


Supports only JPG, PNG
Seven-day refund policy
Limited to product images
Requires manual image uploads
30-day data retention
Strict sample requirements
Uses Stripe only
Packages may not fit needs
No free trial
No API integration


What is PhotoRush?
How does PhotoRush use AI technology?
How long does it take for PhotoRush to generate images?
What formats does PhotoRush accept for image upload?
How does PhotoRush handle user data and privacy?
What is PhotoRush's refund policy?
How secure is payment processing on PhotoRush?
What is the commercial license granted by PhotoRush?
Can I use the images generated by PhotoRush for commercial purposes?
Does PhotoRush offer packages for businesses?
Why do I need to upload multiple samples on PhotoRush?
How are the models trained on PhotoRush?
Can PhotoRush images be used for Instagram, Amazon, and Etsy?
What is the process of a digital photo shoot with PhotoRush?
How quickly can I get high-quality images from PhotoRush?
What happens to my images after the AI model is trained on PhotoRush?
What if the images generated are unrepresentative of my product?
How does the PhotoRush AI technology work?
How are my images used for AI model training on PhotoRush?
Can I request for a full refund if I am unsatisfied with the photos generated by PhotoRush?


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