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Edited product photos for eCommerce.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered platform designed to help eCommerce brands create high-quality product photos for their online stores, social media, and marketing activities.

The tool lets users easily upload their favorite product photos and generate professional-looking images in different sizes optimized for various channels, including social media, email marketing, blogs, and many more. aims to cut down on costs, time, and effort by reducing the need for expensive photo shoots and increasing productivity through efficient and simplified processes.

The tool also offers AI-generated SEO-optimized captions and hashtags, making it easier for users to create engaging social media offers customization options that allow users to easily resize, extend, and customize photos to fit their specific needs.

The platform promises professional studio-quality product photos in seconds and high-quality visuals that can impress and resonate with audiences. The generated images are customizable and can be positioned and resized as needed, while also offering the ability to change the background of the image.The platform features satisfied customers who have reported that revolutionized their product photography, saving them time and money while boosting sales and driving engagement on social media. aims to enable users to effortlessly upload, create, and share visuals through its AI-powered platform, making it easier for users to revolutionize their visual content strategy.


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Breeze was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Simplified image editing processes
Multiple customization options
Rapid photo generation
Visuals optimized for channels
Able to change backgrounds
Increase productivity by reducing costs
Reduces need for photo shoots
Boosts sales and engagement
Specifically designed for eCommerce
High-quality product photos
Ease of photo resizing and repositioning
Promises professional studio-quality
User-friendly upload and creation
Efficient and effective tool
Defined image dimensions customization
Impressive high-quality visuals
No extra equipment required
Optimizes eCommerce visual strategy
Streamlines product photography
Highly engaging visuals generation
Effective tool for marketers
Ideal for social media managers
Creates resonating images
Creates professional-looking visuals
Tool stands out competitively
Increases brand engagement


Limited customization options
No support for bulk uploading
Lack of automated scheduling features
Limited image editing capabilities
No information on image copyrighting
Doesn't offer graphic design templates
Unspecified image resolution
No information about integration capabilities
No info on data security measures
No multi-user collaboration features


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How does optimize product images for eCommerce brands?
What are the key features of
How does help me save costs, time and efforts?
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How does the AI in work?
How can generate SEO-optimized captions and hashtags?
What customization features does offer?
What are the different sizes and channels optimizes images for?
Does offer a free trial?
Why should I choose over traditional photo shoots?
How do I resize and customize photos on
What do customers say about
How can help me improve social media engagement?
How does affect my visual content strategy?
Can generate high-quality product photos in seconds?
Are the images created by customizable?
Can change the background of my product images?
How does improve productivity?
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