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High-quality 3D product visuals and photos.
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ZEG is an AI-powered tool that allows anyone to create high-quality product photos and 3D models without the need for a physical studio. The tool offers a user-friendly web-based interface that simplifies the process of building stunning product imagery.

Using just one to three images, ZEG generates a 3D model that can be placed on any scene, from a beach to a mountain, to create compelling visuals. The process can be completed on a desktop computer with zero carbon footprint, without the need to ship products or props.ZEG is suitable for small businesses and large companies that need to create product photos without incurring the expense of a professional studio.

ZEG can also be used by teachers who want their students to get creative without the need to learn complicated technologies, and by individuals who want to develop their 3D design skills.

ZEG is a browser-based tool and works on any device that has a Chrome browser. The rendering process takes two to three minutes, depending on the complexity of the photo or video.

ZEG offers a variety of pricing plans that include annual and monthly subscriptions. The tool has been recognized for its innovative technology and has won awards from various organizations.

ZEG enables businesses to save time and costs while ensuring consistency across all brands.


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Zeg AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


High-quality 3D product visuals
User-friendly web-based interface
Creates 3D models from 1-3 images
Versatile scene placement
Environmentally friendly with zero carbon footprint
Compatible with any device with Chrome
Quick rendering process
Variety of pricing plans
Award-winning technology
Time and cost saving
Consistent branding across all brands
Supports creativity without needing technical skills
Allows testing of new ideas without physical prototypes
Embedded logo and text options
Increases conversion, views, and purchases
Contributes to brand consistency
Affordable for small businesses
Flexible and productive for large companies
Suitable for use in education
Broad coverage of consumer goods
Producing 3D models for AR/VR/Games
Access to templates and props
Customizable backgrounds
4k photo quality
Comprises various photo formats for different social media accounts
Features female human and feet models
Customer service responds within 24 hours
Helps generate photos realistic for products
Bridges 2D to 3D transition
Contributes to the creative tech industry
Reduces 3D modelling costs
Supports Augmented Reality design platform


Browser-based only
Limited to Chrome browser
2-3 minutes rendering time
3D models made with 1-3 images
Depends on quality of input images
Limited templates and props
3D modeling mainly for consumer goods
Monthly/Annual subscription model
May require technical understanding
No mobile app


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Can ZEG AI be used on any device?
How can ZEG AI help small businesses?
Can ZEG AI be used for educational purposes?
What kind of pricing plans does ZEG AI offer?
How has ZEG AI been recognized or awarded?
What outcomes can businesses expect using ZEG AI?
How does ZEG AI promote environmental sustainability?
What kind of imagery can ZEG AI create?
Can I customize images created on ZEG AI?
Does ZEG AI offer any free shoots or trials?
Can ZEG AI be used to create 3D models for AR, VR or games?
What support is offered to ZEG AI users?


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