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An image background removal and replacement resource.
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The Image Background Remover tool provided by Blend is an AI-powered technology that automatically and easily removes image backgrounds and replaces them with new backgrounds.

With this tool, users can also choose from thousands of templates to showcase their products or images. The tool offers more than 500 templates that are optimized for social graphics, product photos, and SEO-optimized copies.

The tool takes the hassle out of cropping and resizing designs for various platforms like Instagram, Etsy, Shopify, Poshmark, and more, making it easy to export HD cutouts.

With its magic resize feature, users can choose from an assorted font styles and backdrops to create visually stunning designs for e-commerce and social platforms.

The tool also offers more than 100 fonts and backdrops to choose from. Blend promotes its tool as being ideal for entrepreneurs who want to grow sales and stand out online with professional-looking visuals.Blend offers a mobile app to download the tool, which is available on both the App Store and Play Store.

The tool is also accessible via the web. Users can enhance their business acumen by learning from the Blend Seller Academy, which offers training resources for growing and leveling up their business.

The tool is provided by Blendit Studios Pvt Ltd, and the company has provided a privacy policy that ensures the privacy of user data. In summary, Blend's Image Background Remover is a valuable tool for removing image backgrounds with thousands of templates that can make product images and social graphics look professional with ease.


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Pros and Cons


Automatic background removal
Background replacement
Thousands of templates
Optimized for social graphics
Optimized for product photos
Optimized for SEO copies
Resizes designs for platforms
Exports HD cutouts
Magic resize feature
Choose from 100+ fonts
Choose from 100+ backdrops
Ideal for entrepreneurs
Supports sales growth
Enhances online presence
Professional-looking visuals
Mobile app available
App Store availability
Play Store availability
Web access
Blend Seller Academy
Business growth resources
Guaranteed user data privacy


Limited font and backdrop options
Limited number of templates
No API for integration
Privacy concerns
Requires Internet connection
No multi-platform support
No automated batch processing
Potential quality loss during upscale
Tool specificity: only images
Training resources not comprehensive


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