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Product photography for businesses.
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Canvas is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create professional-grade product photos quickly and easily. With Canvas, you can eliminate the need for expensive photo shoots by generating high-quality images at the click of a button.

The application offers a range of features including drag and drop or click to upload, support for jpeg and png formats, and the ability to remove backgrounds instantly.

Users can adjust the size or position of their product, choose from pre-designed themes, edit their photo to remove distractions, and add elements to the scene.

Canvas can be used to create product photos for various applications such as social media, ad campaigns, and marketing emails. The tool is user-friendly, and even non-photoshoppers can use it with ease.

Canvas also offers a 40-images for free trial with no credit card required, after which users can upgrade to the unlimited photo package for a fee.


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Pros and Cons


Professional-grade product photos
Quick and easy use
Drag and drop feature
Supports jpeg and png
Instant background removal
Size and position adjustment
Pre-designed themes
Photo editing feature
Add elements to scene
Applicable for various uses
User-friendly interface
40 free images trial
No credit card required
Adaptable photo themes
Well-tested by many users
Smooth removal feature
Maintains photo quality
Indispensable for startups
Ease of use
Saves time
Positive user reviews
Endorsed by professionals
Highly intuitive interface
Effortless photo editing
Automatically edit and create images
Remove unwanted items quickly
For photographers and designers
Self-service photo editing
Loved by companies worldwide
Social Media Posts
Ad Creatives
Marketing e-mails
No watermark with upgrade
Priority support with upgrade
Monthly and yearly subscriptions
Affiliate program available
Multiple language support


Limited to jpeg, png
Lacks advanced editing features
No batch processing feature
Doesn't support RAW formats
No multi-language support
Limited pre-designed themes
Subscription-based after free trial
No collaborative features
No version history management
No mobile application


What is Canvas by Magicstudio?
How does Canvas by Magicstudio work?
How do I upload images onto Canvas by MagicStudio?
What image formats does Canvas by Magicstudio support?
Can I remove backgrounds from images on Canvas?
Can I edit the size and position of my product in Canvas?
What other editing features does Canvas offer?
Can I use Canvas to create photos for social media or marketing campaigns?
Who can use Canvas by Magicstudio?
Does Canvas have a free trial?
What does the unlimited photo package offer in Canvas?
Can both JPEG and PNG formats be uploaded to Canvas?
How can I access the Canvas tool?
What is the cost of upgrading to the unlimited photo package?
Do I need any prior photo editing skills to use Canvas?
Are there any pre-designed themes available in Canvas?
How can Canvas help save time and money in creating product photos?
Do the product photos created with Canvas help in driving sales?
Can Canvas be used to add elements to the scene of the product photo?
How can I contact Canvas by Magicstudio for support or queries?


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