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Modifyla is an AI tool designed to help users create professional product advertisement images quickly and easily. The platform allows users to upload an image of their product and describe the desired result.

Modifyla then applies its processing capabilities to transform the image according to the provided description. Users are guided through a four-step process, where they upload their image, describe what they want to see in the final result, wait for the AI-powered magic to happen, and finally enjoy the generated images.

Modifyla also offers a free trial to users who create an account, allowing them to generate 10 images at no cost. After the trial, users can choose from three pricing plans.

The Starter Plan offers 100 images per month for individual users at a cost of $0.0499 per image. The Standard Plan, intended for small businesses, provides 500 images per month at $0.0400 per image.

And the Premium Plan, designed for enterprise customers, includes 1500 images per month at a cost of $0.0333 per image.While the text doesn't explicitly mention future updates or additional features, users can reach out to Modifyla at [email protected] for any further queries they might have.


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Product Ad was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 14th 2023.
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